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We are excited – our first exhibition as a group is happening!

During the first week in September, mARTa’s Art Group will have artwork on display at our first exhibition at the Indooroopilly Library. Due to a cancellation we’ve been allocated the hanging space for a full 3 months. Everyone in the group is very excited as some of us have never had the chance to show their work to the public. Getting a painting ready for hanging was a new experience for some people, and surprised a few when they realised how long it takes to get a piece ready for hanging! There are labels to be printed, hanging wires to be fixed and the hardest part is to place a value on your own work. A totally new experience for some of us.

Come visit our work from September 3, there will be a wide variety of different styles and mediums. After 6 weeks we’ll change the display and show you some more pieces that we’ve been working on. If you’re interested in joining mARTa’s Art Group for a morning of painting and socialising, please sign up here, or email me directly at hello (at) martablaszak (dot) com


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