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Mixing Greens

In the last art lesson we looked at mixing ‘greens’ from blues and yellows.  The most important lesson we learnt was that we have to start by mixing only a very small amount of the darker colour (the blues) into the lighter colour (the yellow colour) to achieve the desired result. It is always easier to add a little more of the darker colour then try to lighten it with a large amount of the lighter colour.


Mixed Greens based on Phthalo Blue (Cool Blue)

We also learned that you can tone bright greens down by adding a small amount of red. That also explains why greens mixed with Ultramarine Blue are more muted as this colour, a warm blue,  is already red based


Mixed Greens based on Ultramarine Blue (Warm Blue)

To get a bit more fun from the exercise we all tried mixing different shades of greens and used it for a small painting of pears.


Will Kemp has written quit a helpful article on mixing greens. Here is the website were you can find his info.

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