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2 Day Workshop with Robyn Olsen at The Logan Art Gallery

Last Thursday and Friday, ‘mARTa’s Art Group’ attended a  2 day workshop held at the Logan Art Gallery with Robyn Olsen as instructor. Robyn is exhibiting at the Gallery until 6th June 2015 and as a part of her exhibition was holding this workshop at the Gallery.

We all started with some colour mixing exercises and Robyn explained the difference of mixing red and cool primaries. Then everybody go a free canvas board and was asked to prepare it with a mixture of all primary colours. Some of us managed to start a second canvas board on the second day.

IMG_5183  IMG_5181  IMG_5179

Robyn had arranged a still life of different plants and vases and we could choose what object we wanted to include in our still life.

11109623_638288796306946_2695109531585010885_o  11090973_638705556265270_6924579192073394080_o  11050139_638705099598649_8136987811328311987_o

There were some stunning results achieved. Thank you Logan Art Gallery and Robyn Olsen for holding this free workshop for the local artists. And thank you Bev for taken all the lovely photos.

11210512_638705152931977_598055658786432326_n  IMG_5184  IMG_5186

IMG_5185  IMG_5187

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