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Last week was very hectic with the last preparations for the exhibition. After having produced 3 different paintings with ‘Pebeo Moon Fantasy Paint’ for the exhibition I managed to finish 2 more paintings which I also wanted to include in the exhibition. But as I also was running out of this very special paint, I did not want to sell the last two paintings, as I would not be able to reproduce anything like it again.



The solution was to only exhibit these two paintings but put a ‘NOT FOR SALE’ sign on it.

And after some considerations I decided that the other 3 Pebeo paintings were up for sale at the exhibition.


Title Silver Medium Pebeo on Canvas Paper Size 38x30cm Price 120.00

Title Gold Medium Pebeo on Canvas Paper Size 38x30cm Price 120.00


It is a pity that I can’t tell everyone how special these paintings are, as they almost were not to be.

I was so excited when I found the Pebeo paint in Chicago’s ‘Blick Art Store’ that I did not consider what a drama it would be to bring it back to Australia. For security reasons airlines do not allow you to carry paint in your main luggage.

Even when I tried to post the paint, my parcel was rejected by US Mail and a private courier wanted to charge me  small fortune for the few small containers.

As I did not want to worry about my paint starting to burn up or to explode in the baggage compartment and being solely responsible for the plane to mysteriously crash somewhere between Los Angeles and Brisbane, I decided I would just carry it in my hand luggage where I was able to see what’s happening with it. And I was so sure, US customs would take it of me during the security check anyway. But to my surprise nobody wanted to see what’s in my hand luggage!

And so these paintings could come to life after all. Now you know why they are very special to me.

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