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More Negative Painting

Further to our last negative painting exercise we visited the Logan Art Gallery for a different negative painting exercise with white ink

Our subject was a photo showing a black cat walking through a door frame covered in white light and the shadow it throws.



As this also was a drawing exercise we practised how to valuate the photo and see at it as form and shape, but not as a cat. Seeing the negative shapes helped to locate different points of importance.

We questioned how much longer than the cat is the shape of the shadow? What’s the ratio between the cat’s head and its body? Where does the shadow of the tail start and where does it end?  We tried to find  many different  comparison points to form the shapes of cat and shade.

Looking at the photo in this way helped to transfer the shapes of the photo with a white pencil onto a larger scale black sheet of paper without using the grid system.



First we slightly shaded in the white shapes and when we were confident tht the shapes are similar to the shapes in the photo, we used white ink to block in the shapes.



As shown in the comparison between the photo and the finished sketch I managed a close likeness of the photo in black and white by only using black paper and white ink.


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