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Afghan Girl

For our second portrait we chose the ‘Afghan Girl, a photo taken by journalist Steve McCurry for the National Geographic Magazine Cover in 1985.

One reason to use  Steve McCurry’s photo was that it combined practicing the drapes of the girls scarf with the difficulty of mixing the skin tones for her face.

As it was only the second portrait the group practised the results vary greatly but everyone was happy with the outcome so far. There are still a few changes to be made before we can call it a finished project.


15107279_10209369883538421_2367575933916585713_n 15178088_10209369890898605_4081614858140456992_n 15192539_10209369889258564_8901604635990627662_n 15202584_10209369893178662_6447631327821530069_n 15241201_10209369882898405_4684394741866833360_n 15267751_10209369882058384_7253810322521319659_n img_1031

And here is the original photo of Steve McCurry


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