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Mugs, Mugs and more Mugs

After waiting all January, I finally could order printed mugs again. My mug supplier had ran out of blank mugs to print my designs on. Apparently someone bought too many mugs at the end of 2017, that they actually ran out of them. I wonder if I was the culprit as I had been ordering something of 60-70 mugs to be sold at the Esk exhibition and for Christmas Presents for my friends and family.

These 9 mugs were re-ordered by customers who were very happy with their first mugs and some of them plan to re-gift these mugs. What a great idea.

These mugs are not a mass production. Every mug has a design specially selected by me to the customers request and is then printed as a one off. Only of the customer wants a design like the trees it will be a close match to a previous mug as I only have one original painting with these trees i can use for the print. On all other mugs I can use many different areas of the abstract painting so every mug should be ‘almost’ unique. I charge $10.00 per mug if bought directly from me, which does not include postage.

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