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Naughty, naughty

Last week I did several small pouring exercises and some of them had really gorgeous cells, so I decided to keep them. One of these pours, a striking orange and blue painting looked rather interesting to me and I wanted to include it in my shop as well in my Etsy shop. You can see that pour just below. Don’t the colours look striking?

After I downloaded the picture as a thumb nail I suddenly saw things I didn’t want to see. but after seeing it already I couldn’t unsee it.

Can you see what i saw? It’s the reason I call this blog “naughty. naughty”

Desperately I tried to see what else was hiding in this pour so I could emphasise it. I found a girl sitting on a chair but it just didn’t look right when I outlined her. Finally I decided to just cover the whole thing up but still letting the initial pour shine through. What do you think. Is it a keeper or should I dump it?

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