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Ready to pour again

Summer is officially over and the days are hopefully staying cooler then they where in the last few weeks.

I had so much problems to achieve good pouring results during the hot period that I am sure that hot temperatures and pouring don’t go well together. And I only have an outdoor studio so there is no aircon available to keep me and the material cool.

Last year our Forest Lake Shopping Center supported our art Group with a $500.00 Gift Voucher for art material and I have used the waiting period to stock up on painting supply every time our art shops offered substantial savings.

So last week I finally could do my first pouring demonstration with the art group and we managed to get quite some nice results.

Riot’s Global Acrylics mixed with Floetrol and Dimethicone was used for this first pour. I specifically selected natural earthen colours  as most of our previous pours were done in blue colours, often creating an underwater feeling.

For the second exercise I used Global Acrylics Primary Colours and white  with WD40 Silicone instead of Dimethicone. In this pour we used the flip cup method and tried to move the paint over the edge before applying the heat gun to torch the paint. We only managed small cells but were still happy with the overall results.

For the last exercise I also used Global Acrylics Primary Colours and White with WD40 Silicone instead of Dimethicone as well as the flip cup method. But then we torched the paint with the heat gun before moving the paint. Small cells formed immediately and spread and grew when we started to move the paint. The cells were definitely better formed with this method.



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