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Creating a Colourful Butterfly

During one of our last pouring demonstrations  the students asked for the follow colour combination: Orange, Yellow, Blue and Turquoise. We started with a flip cup and the result was quite an interesting combination.

For weeks I wasn’t sure what to do with this canvas as there was not enough paint to cover all the edges but too much paint to call it a negative space. I was considering changing it to a frontal butterfly, but when we discussed it in the art group, someone suggested to use the side on view of a butterfly and use negative paining to bring out the shape

I liked he result, but found that the butterfly’s colours were a bit dull with the turquoise back ground. As I remembered how bright the ink colours are I overlayed some of the butterflies existing colours with a brighter version of ink. I  can imagine that this colour full creature would make a happy addition to a small kids room.

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