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Embellishing an Acrylic pour with a Monarch Butterfly

Demonstrating Acrylic pouring can result in several small paintings as I always demonstrate on a 20cm x 20cm small stretched canvas panel.

Usual I start with a dirty pour where prepared acrylic paint is layered in a cup and than flipped onto the canvas. Every now and then, depending how happy I am with the resulting pour, I will use these pours to demonstrate a swipe, as shown in the photo below. This specific swip still ended up a bit bland and I was considering to repour the canvas.

But somehow I liked how delicate and soft the swipe looked. So my second choice was to embellish the swipe with a normal acrylic painting over the white areas. I chose the motive of a Monarch Butterfly but still kept the painting abstract to go with the abstract background.

To finish the painting I still added some abstract white flower petals onto the back ground that was coloured in with a blue turquoise to match the bottom part of the pour.




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