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Style? What Style?

Most artists are known for “THEIR STYLE”. So everyone seeing their work has a good idea who the artist is.

Somehow I haven’t been able to develop a “STYLE” for myself. I am just having too much fun trying our different media and different techniques.

But one of my preferred “STYLES” is embellishing or altering acrylic pours I have done over time. I am always surprised by the end results as I often don’t know what I will be ending up with. And every now and then I just like to paint a scene I have seen. Today I would like to share with you what different paintings I have been working on in the last few months.

These three paintings started out on three pours we did in a demonstration who all used the same colours. The first one was a string pour,  the second a dirty pour and the third one was an open pour.  These are very abstract and colourful painting and it was a lot of fun playing around to see what will develop using a negative painting technique

These two pours were dirty pours but a air balloon was used to create he flower like effect. And in the second pour I tried to emphasise some of the flowers with petals.

These two turtle paintings had a total different beginning. The first painting was a dirty pour and the underwater world was created by using the pouring elements, while the second painting was done by outlining the turtle with white acrylic and filling them in with watercolor.

Both these paintings started our with a too green pour and using the texture of the pour I used the negative painting technique  to bring out the leaves of a philodendron and of an eucalyptus tree.

Two landscapes in total different techniques. The first a painting is of a photo taken during a visit of the Bay of Fires in Tasmania and the second one an imaginary landscape I found in a pour were negative painting and embellishment was used.

Another string pour ended up as imaginary birds having a conversation

Having fun during a workshop in Sherwood

An acrylic swipe was hiding a cat trying to catch 3 butterflies

and last not least a painting i have done some years ago but refreshed its colours and found a nice frame for it.

I hope you enjoyed the paintings I was working on during the last few month.

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