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Small Is Beautiful

I am getting very excited preparing for my second solo exhibition at the Glenrock Art Gallery in Esk. There is so much preparation work to be done before I can show off the work. Invitations have been designed and emailed. As my experience in Photoshop is nil, I have to do it the simple way in Office Word.

Labels need to be written and printed. They all have to include

  • The artist’s name
  • The title of the work
  • The medium of the work
  • The price of the work

Everything needs to be numbered and described and Photos are taken of every single artwork on exhibition.

As I also will have photo mugs for sale I have to select the artwork I want printed on the mugs and make sure that I use every file only once. As I can’t see the finished work before I can pick it up from the printer, I am always anxious of how they turned out.

Photo Greeting cards are prepared by printing 4’x6′ glossy photos and attaching them to white card stock. The authentificatin notice has to be printed onto the backpage of the card stock. JPG files for printed Greeting Cards have to be selected before they can be sent to the printer.

The final step is to bag every finished card together with an envelope into a single cello bag , add my business card to have them ready for sale. Luckily the business card were already printed for a previous occasion, saving me a little bit of time.

The paintings are checked and double checked that everything is ok. All labels have been attached. Inventory numbers are added. The frames have been cleaned and hanging wires have been attached to d-rings.

As the name “Small is Beautiful’ indicates, the paintings in this exhibition are mainly smaller art pieces, catering for the collector of Small Format Art.

This genre is intimate, easy displayable, portable and great for gifting. It is especially apt for our era where limited wall spaces restricts the buying of larger pieces of art.

Small art also is very affordable, which makes it accessible for anybody and not just the elite of society. It can bring colour and vibrancy to tiny apartments.

These paintings can be placed on furniture tops, shelves, and mantles or hung on smaller wall spaces, uplifting them with a splash of colour.

Art lovers can build a collection of small sized pictures by theme or medium or just a similar colour. This affordable art offers endless possibilities to create unique gallery displays in your home.

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