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Small Is Beautiful

Only one more week to go before the Exhibition ‘Small Is Beautiful”will open at the Glenrock Art Gallery in Esk. I am sure I will have forgotten something when I arrive with my huge load of paintings on Thursday morning. I will have to leave early in the morning as the gallery is about 90 minutes away from home and the SASI volunteers expect me to be there at 9am in the morning.

Thursday will be a busy busy day for SASI’s volunteers who will help and curate the exhibition. Not only will they have to look after all the work I will bring in, but they also have to coordinate the pick up of the previous work from SASI Member Stephanie Mann. Stephanie’s work included colourful paintings, wood and steel sculptures, precious gemstones, and more.

My last exhibition at the Glenrock Gallery was in 2017, exactly 2 years ago and I was exhibiting a mixture of previous work and a few paintings were with my new found love, acrylic pouring.

Two Different Worlds – Solo Exhibition 2017
Two Different Worlds – Solo Exhibition 2017

Sunday, 10th November will be the official opening of the new exhibition showing mostly new fluid acrylic work that are “Small and Beautiful”. They should be appealing to the collector of small and quirky art and also could make a very unique and personal Christmas present.

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