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Many artists have decided to help during the recent Australian Bushfire Catastrophe. My contribution was to produce small ACEO paintings, hoping to sell them for the reasonable price of $10.00 on eBay and donate the proceeds to help the Bushfire Appeal. I choose eBay as Bluethumb and Art Lovers have a minimum price of $100 and I did not expect anyone to donate this kind of money to support me.

It turned out to be a labour of love as on average I worked about 2 hours on each painting before I could upload them to eBay. Even this process was time consuming and tiresome.

I covered the mailing cost of $1.10 for postage and even so eBay allowed for 10 products to be listed for free, they still charged me $0.66 per sale. So, every ACEO I sell is costing me $1.76. Allowing for paper and paint, printing ink and cello cover, my material cost to produce one ACEO for sale is about $2.00

I am still donating the full amount of $10.00 I receive for the eBay auctions but will not continue to offer the small paintings through eBay after I have sold all the 10 paintings I had listed.

I will now try to sell the small ACEO paintings at $12.00 through this website to cover my cost, and will still donate $10.00 to the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital. Please support me by purchasing one of the ACEO’s I still have prepared. They are now available on my website. Please spread the word.

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