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Living with Koalas

What is ‘Living with Koalas ? Several month ago I found an invitation in my email inbox asking if I would like to be part of a the following fundraiser. In short, it is an fundraising group with the following concept:

100 Australian based artists are providing an original artwork–painting, featuring a Koala, Eucalyptus or bush fires …or a combination. From the beauty of nature and the cuteness of a koala to the disturbing realities of loss of habitat, disease, destructive fire, drought climate change and the real threat of extinction for the koala in the wild.  We are interested in the artist’s portrayal of the world of the koala.

Help me Please

The group is hoping to having our 100 artist, from all over Australia, to participate.  Originals paintings are needed by July 2020. The final images would be used for a book / exhibition catalogue, limited edition fine prints, posters, postcards, greeting cards and various merchandise.

The originals will be sold at an international auction in the US and form the basis of a travelling exhibition to tour Australia at the end of 2020 and throughout 2021 at 100 venues including museums, galleries, public spaces, community halls, hotels, clubs etc.

Please Save Me

Revenue generated will be shared between the artist and Living with Koalas. We will use the funds generated for our awareness programmes and school visits and well as funding our koala food tree nurturing and planting programme.

Sleepy Koala

Every item the group sells (Australian designed and printed / manufactured) buys at least one koala food tree –  some items fund more trees … to be planted where koalas need them most. We think the 100 ARTWORKS for a KOALA will fund the growing of 100,000 koala food trees.

Sleepy Fellow

The difference between human action and inaction for a koala is extinction… now a reality with many areas of Australia reporting local extinctions. Australian artisans can, and do, play an active part in conservation.

I need Help

G Henshow oversees every aspect for the participating artists I did prepare several different paintings of Koala images for the fundraiser, and some of them sold during the preparation time. As the original paintings will be shipped all over the planet I decided that an unframed version on stretched canvas would be best suitable for the cause. So this little ‘Koala with Attitude’ was my final choice for the fundraiser.

Koala with Attitude

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