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Monday’s Art Group finally back on track

Art group had to close quite abruptly in March when suddenly Corona Virus appeared around the world. To keep everyone safe, nobody was allowed to visit or meet anybody. QLD has done a very great job in keeping most of us well, and we are now free to meet again.

To celebrate the occasion today we didn’t open a bottle of red wine but painted a bottle of red wine as our first exercise.

We started with a solid coloured background and started the bottle with three solid strokes in green acrylic.

For practising we mixed our own greens for the bottle

we added the red to the lower part of the bottle to give the illusion of the red wine. We also were able to corrected the shape of the bottles by adding a different colour background to form a table top and a back wall

And lighted on edge with yellow while darkened the other side with dark colours

Shadows were added at the end to finish the work.

For some of us this was the first time they were using paint and brush again after a 3 months break. Well done everyone.

View Marta Blaszak-Just art on Bluethumb

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