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Decorating your home with art

There is not such a thing as too much art in your home. But what is a good way to display different styles of art when there are so many off them?

If you like an eclectic mix, consider at several art pieces to hang in a salon style. Start with the largest piece as your focal point and then space the artworks out around it. HINT: When hanging multiple works, hanging the largest work on the Left with smaller, lighter works to the Right will help create an energy lift (L – R) … Marie Kondo!

You can start by collecting in a theme for unity like landscape but include a variety of sizes and mediums, or colour or style. You can chose between a symmetrical balance but an a Asymmetrical hangings allows more freedom for later additions.

For large walls you’ll need a sizeable piece of art.  Large abstracts add texture, colour and energy to a space. Or instead of one large piece, you might consider a series of works that together create the size you need.

Happy Collecting

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