This new body of work doesn’t not start with a vision or a concept, but with the exploration of movement and colour. Choosing a selection of colours that perfectly match and supplement each other and then using experimental pouring techniques, I let the acrylic mixture create its own mysterious forms and it always surprises me that the same colour palette can be used over and over again and still resulting in every single art piece being different, as so many factors are affecting the results. I love not knowing what patterns and colours will emerge from the different mediums I use in each pour. The resulting pour often decides what the painting will be.

For this painting I choose the colours of blue, green and orange, alternating with white, creating mysterious images and shapes almost by magic. This specific painting does not need any embellishment as this would take away from the freedom of this piece as everyone can search and find different aspects in the painting. It can have a different interpretation of the piece for everyone. While I see the Space, the Universe, or Cosmos in this painting, you might see something completely different.

The painting medium in this painting is Fluid Acrylic on a 20cm x 25cm wrapped canvas and framed with a 30cm x 38cm white  frame. Two d-rings are attached to the back and it is ready for hanging.

Please note that artwork displayed in rooms are for the purpose of demonstration only and not alway to the exact scale. Please check dimensions for actual size. Other frames shown in the display are a suggestion only.

A signed Certificate of Authenticity will be attached to the back of the painting.

Your painting will be packed with extra care in a sturdy cardboard box and shipped out within  1-3 business days. The Artwork is signed on the front when possible.

Thanks for looking! Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns via

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