• Material: Fluid Acrylic on 300 msg Acrylic Paper available in a black or white modern Timber Frame
  • Size: Artwork Size: 4' x 6', Frame Size: 17.5cm x 22cm
  • Notes: Acrylic on 300msg Acrylic Paper, framed in black or white timber frame, two d-rings and wires attached to back, ready to hang.

Artwork Description:

Coming from an Architectural background, with a very structured technical training, discovering Fluid Art was like escaping my shackles.  For someone who primarily paints in realism, this art form is liberating & energizing.

Understanding how different colours will interact with each other helps in the creation of these unique and amazing fantasies on canvas.

This little original gem was created by using the dirty flip cup method and is a one off.  Global Basic Acrylics, Dimethicone and Floetrol Pouring Medium on Canvas Board was used to create this small fluid acrylic art piece on a stretched canvas. It is available either in a white or in a black modern timber frame. Two D-rings and hanging wire are attached at the back ready for hanging.


Artist signed ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ attached to the back

Locale buyers are welcome to collect this little gem directly from the artist with a 5% discount on the price.

Shipping Information