Marta Blaszak is a visual artist based in Brisbane, Australia. Here you can view her latest artwork, browse her online shop for original paintings and prints, and view her blog where she shares insights, tips and techniques on acrylic painting and other mediums.

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‘A Secret Garden’ found a new home

Thats the kind of email I like. This message made my day. Dear Marta, Congratulations! Your artwork, A Secret Garden I, II and III (Triptych), has been sold on the Bluethumb website as ORDER NO: E7C07341. And what a surprise that the buyer lives jus

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Art for Epilepsy

Being driven by a vision of optimal living for people with epilepsy, Epilepsy Action once again arranged Art for Epilepsy – a chance to bring together artists and the art community to raise much needed awareness and funds for those impacted by epil

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Creation of another Painting

Finally I made a decision of what to do with the canvas I had left over after cutting up a 45cm x 45cm large dried acrylic pour I wasn’t happy with. I have told you about the two canvases ‘Australian Colours’, that could be hung as

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