Marta Blaszak is a visual artist based in Brisbane, Australia. Here you can view her latest artwork, browse her online shop for original paintings and prints, and view her blog where she shares insights, tips and techniques on acrylic painting and other mediums.

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Testing White Ceiling Paint for pouring

After last weeks big drama and a couple of ruined canvases I have decided to test a few things to see if I can work out where the problem lies. My first thought was that the white paint I used for last weeks pour was the culprit as this was the bigge

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Who said that every child could do that?

Every now and then I can hear that too when I tell people that I am an artist and I also do pouring. What’s there too it, just splash some paint onto the canvas, that can’t be too hard! Have you ever tried it? There are so many things to

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Ready to pour again

Summer is officially over and the days are hopefully staying cooler then they where in the last few weeks. I had so much problems to achieve good pouring results during the hot period that I am sure that hot temperatures and pouring don’t go we

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