Marta Blaszak is a visual artist based in Brisbane, Australia. Here you can view her latest artwork, browse her online shop for original paintings and prints, and view her blog where she shares insights, tips and techniques on acrylic painting and other mediums.

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The making of ‘The Coral Reef’

The first step of the Coral Reef painting was a dirty pour flip cup on a 20cm x 20cm MDF board by using turquoise blue, dark cool blue, dark brown, white and warm red Global Acrylics mixed with Floetrol, water and a few drops of Dimethicone in each c

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Koi Fish

Recently we all went to Deboran’s workshop in Sherwood and the topic was Koi fish in Acrylic and Ink. It was a very short workshop and most of us, including myself, couldn’t finish our piece. So I decided to  continue working at home and

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Naughty, naughty

Last week I did several small pouring exercises and some of them had really gorgeous cells, so I decided to keep them. One of these pours, a striking orange and blue painting looked rather interesting to me and I wanted to include it in my shop as we

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