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Forest Lake Birds

Every day I am looking forward to walk around the lake at Forest Lake and enjoy its beautiful bird life. I always wondered where these birds came from and where they go to when they can’t be seen.

The Heron was the first bird I wanted to paint as I could see it every day standing in the water very close to the board walk or sitting lonely high on a railing of some Lake property. I always wondered where his mate was as he never was in company of a female heron. Also his neck really astonished me as it always looked like it was broken. Only when he had some victims in his site his neck was as straight as a broomstick.

So the Heron was the trigger to start a series of the Forest Lake birds, continuing with the Cormorant, the little Blue Wren, The Water Hen and the Lorikeet.

There are many more birds living on the lake waiting to be painted. The cockatoos, the Pelicans and Black Swans  are often seen hanging around the Lake, but the Black Swans and the Pelicans come and go and I don’t know where to.

Heron-MaleCormoranWater HenBlue WrenLorikeet



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