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We had a full house last Wednesday as everybody was keen to catch up with the group. Because of the Covid 19 outbreak in March we couldn’t meet for several months. Our fun was very short, as sadly, strict new restrictions are being imposed again from today on. After six more coronavirus cases were linked to the Brisbane Youth Detention Centre, private gatherings at homes and outdoors in South-East Queensland have been limited to 10 people only. That means that we have to go back into lookdown and wait again for an easing of the restrictions. We have to be careful as most of us are in the vulnerable age group and one of the Covid cases is from Forest Lake. As soon as these restrictions are lifted, we will resume again.

In the meantime enjoy some of my latest paintings I have been working on during the lookdown

A Balancing Act
For this piece I didn’t use any reference photos, but only but let the background colours decide what the painting will be. I found so many organic shapes in the background colours that I decided to change them into an abstract bunch of flowers. This abundance of blooms are held together by a delicate vase trying not to topple over by the weight of flowers, hence the name ‘A Balancing Act’.
The Cloak of Night
Softly the warming colours of the sun are setting and the cool blue colours of the night are approaching. Soon the ground will be covered by the cloak of night. This is what I am imagining when I look at this small imaginary original acrylic landscape.
And There You Are
Green sea turtles are one of my favourite subjects to paint. My love with turtles started during a visit to Mon Repos where we could watch the turtles making their way from the beach to their nesting areas and lay their eggs. Six of the world’s seven species of marine are breeding in Queensland. But these cute creatures can be found in tropical and subtropical oceans worldwide. They migrate long distances to feed, often crossing entire oceans, before returning home again to nest.

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