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Painting Rocks in Acrylic – Monday 29th September

Last week we locked at creating textures we can use for painting rocks and what tools and mediums we can use. After a bit of brainstorming we came up with the following tools we can use:

Pallet Knife Credit Card Tissue Paper Cling Wrap Sponge Steel Wool Masking Tape or masking fluid Fingers Tooth Brush Comb Sandpaper Leaves Feathers Earbuds, crushed news paper String Raffia and Alu-foil, Hairdryer

Mediums we can use to create a textured surface were Gesso, Acrylic Paint, Glaze, Texture Paste, Sand and crushed eggshells. We also discovered, that when we want to glaze over a painted surface, we can’t work over a wet paint. We have to wait until the under painting is really, really dry!

IMG_2338  IMG_2339  IMG_2340  IMG_2342  IMG_2341

All of us are happy to use these techniques in a Rock Painting we will do over the next few weeks. For this we will need a larger canvas Board or stretched canvas. Minimum Size should be 40x50cm. If you have any feathers or sponges bring them to class. I have all the rest but bring your pallet knifes if you have them.

IMG_2346  IMG_2345  IMG_2344  IMG_2343

So today we started with our first rock painting by using cotton earbuds to create small pebbles in the back ground. From there on we locked a different rock formation for our bigger rocks. Ways of how to shape a flat surface into a rounded three dimensional object were explored. Everyone’s experience was different. We also realised that we have to place some rocks into the background and some rocks into the foreground by slight overlapping their shapes.

IMG_2353 (1)  IMG_2352  IMG_2351  IMG_2350  IMG_2349  IMG_2347  IMG_2348

Everyone will work at home to solve some of these problems. We will all meet again on Monday 20th October to share our mastered experience

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