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Painting WAVES

This morning we continued with our WATER investigation by looking a WAVES. We selected a wave picture where we could see a crashing and a mounting wave to show the difference effects on the water’s surface.


The biggest difference between the two waves was that the mounting wave throws a shadow onto the water surface while the crashing wave is reflected on the water surface.

For the painting we first started to cover the whole canvas with a graduation from dark blue green (Phalo Blue mixed with a small amount of lemon yellow and white) to very light blue green. We then added the shadow and the light reflection onto the waterline before we painted in the waves.


It was important to keep the strokes used to paint the waves in the direction the water flows. At the end we used dry brushing with a very light sky blue colour to add the sky reflecting onto the water’s surface.

IMG_2787  IMG_2788  IMG_2786  IMG_2785  IMG_2783  IMG_2782  IMG_2781


And just for the fun of it some of us we drew a few birds flying over the water. Everyone finished there painting today in record time. We are getting slowly better  🙂

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