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Monday 19th September

Today Pat told us a story of her other art group, the ‘Half Dozen Group’ of Sherwood. They were all very surprised when Pat showed them how we created a textured canvas during our last lesson as none of them had ever seen or heard about the way we did it. I should get a patent for my way of doing it.

Today we used the second canvas to practise more leaves in different ways. We tried negative painting or positive printing and again the results were all different as we are all at different stages of our painting experience.

img_8921  img_8920  img_8919  img_8918  img_8916  img_8914  img_8913

So we have now played around with different texture techniques and are ready to go to another subject. For the next two weeks we will look into drawing and painting fabrics, and the way it falls over a subject.

That will be fun!

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