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Monday Class – Applying Textures

This are the two examples I prepared for last Monday’s art Class.



To produce the textured canvas for our negative leaf exercise we started by applying Gesso onto two canvasses of the same size. We pressed the two canvases tightly together before the Gesso would dry, making sure that all surface was covered. Then we slowly we pulled the two canases apart and were left with a very interesting pattern we could use for our next exercise.


The next step was to cover this surface with Acrylic paint diluted with Glaze, dap it with tissue and sprinkle it with alcohol to achieve  a mottled painted surface we could use to outline some leaves in a negative painting style.

img_8900  img_8899  img_8898  img_8897  img_8896  img_8895  img_8893  img_8891  img_8889

Vicki’s surface somehow appert different and was more suited to depict a rocky surface so she started to outline rocks.


Colleen’s surface was very soft and also better used for stamping on some leave and negatively bring them to the surface with a darker tone


Next Monday we will continue by adding a different motive like a Flower, a Butterfly, or a raindrop etc to our leaves in a conventional painting style

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