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Today I want to show you the space where mARTa’s Art Group gathers once a week. It is  an undercover area in front of a garage which is heaven to work in when the weather is pleasant, but can be a challenge during other times.  At the moment the heat can be a problem and when the temperature rises above 30 degrees, we have to cancel our painting session. But i still can sneak into this corner of my backyard and work away under the cooling wind of a portable fan.

There is a sink at the back that drains directly into the garden and so we don’t waste any water when we clean our brushes and containers and sofar the palms are thriving with this treatment. This area also has a double function as my drying area where I can hang up my washing  there during rainy days

we have a fridge to keep the milk for coffee and tea, a hot water kettle for coffee and tea and a variety of teas to choose from. But sadly only one brand of coffee

and there is a hanging rack where I have works in progress or just finished works hanging. I also cut my own picture frames which are waiting here for a good use.

I am trying to enhance our little painting paradise with asian artefacts so every time I go to this little space at the back of my garden, I feel I am going on a short holiday.  I love this space. And I dont mind if you would like to join me here.

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