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How to display small works

A couple of people told me the problem with my art is that many of my paintings are of smaller dimensions and people like to display large paintings. But what about small apartment owners? They don’t have meters of wall to display large paintings. With good framing and lighting you can create a beautiful little ‘gallery’ that doesn’t require endless space. A smaller painting fits nicely into a shelf or onto a mantle piece. And if you really want to display a large piece, why not compos your own wall with several smaller pieces like shown below as a collection of small works hung together salon-style on a single wall can be wonderful.


But one doesn’t need this many paintings to compose a nice arrangement. This can also be done with only 4 paintings like shown her


Even only with two or three smaller paintings a nice composition can be achieved depending on what direction you prefer and how much wall space you have

All you need is to have the paintings framed with the same frame, it doesn’t even need to be a modern frame as shown in the examples

and its a good thing to keep h same colour scheme for the artwork to unify the display

And don’t forget your bookshelf.

For miniature works, a bookshelf can be a particularly elegant setting.


Thanks for checking out my display suggestions. I am sure you can come up with many different ways to display small artworks on limited spaces.


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