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Alcohol Ink

Just recently I discovered Alcohol Ink when I went to a Bluethumb coffee morning to Graceville. One of the artists was kind enough to invite me to her home to give me a private lesson and I just fell in love with this material. My first attempts were just 4 small pieces on yupo paper and all I did was just to get a feel tor the medium

As Riot also just announced a 50% off sale I went straight ahead and bought a complete set of alcohol ink and some Yupo paper.

But first I tried to see if I can use other white plastic material. The test object was the backing of a travel brochure and  got quite a decent result.


My second test was to try it on glass, as apparently this was quite a common surface for inks art. But I was not too happy with this results

The third practice day was when only one student came to my Monday Class and we both played around with the ink

These are her results

and these were my results

And the next practice day I trued to manipulate the medium to actually get a painting that I could place into my shop for sale and came up with a Cactus



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