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Put some Colour in your Life

A couple of weeks ago I received the following email:

Hi Marta,
just been looking through your web site and I am just contacting you in regards to the Colour in your Life TV show on Artists in their studios.
You have some great work and i can see you are well set up to take advantage of being filmed by our team for global exposure of your life and work. Please take a look at the web site if you don’t already know about us. Hopefully I will hear back from you and I can give you more information on how this can help you. I hope you are well, Graeme

First I was not sure what to make of it but after discussing it with my artist friends I was encouraged to respond and ask for further details. I am sorry to say that I am not in the I am sorry to say that I am not in the leaque who can afford to have Graeme interviewing me as I would have to start a ‘fund me‘ page to pay for his fees. But I am still over the moon that he saw my website and thought it was good enough for him to contact me.

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