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Art for Epilepsy

Being driven by a vision of optimal living for people with epilepsy, Epilepsy Action once again arranged Art for Epilepsy – a chance to bring together artists and the art community to raise much needed awareness and funds for those impacted by epilepsy through their online art auction.

Like last year, I participated again in a donation of some artworks for the Art for Epilepsy in 2018 and donated four pieces of art that included the colour purple in some way as it is the internationally recognised colour for epilepsy.

The auction has now finished and I received the following recognition for my participation:

Hi Marta,

Our sincerest thanks for your support in donating your artwork to our 2018 Art for Epilepsy Auction. We raised $45,000 from the auction which will go a long way towards helping us support the thousands of Australian’s living with the impact of epilepsy. We’ve raised over $125,000 since Art for Epilepsy started and we are so grateful to you for being part of it. Please find attached a receipt for the value your work sold for and a certificate of appreciation.

Thank you once again for supporting our Art for Epilepsy initiative and for helping to make a difference.

We can’t wait to have you involved again in 2019!

Kind Regards

Thank you so much for supporting Epilepsy Action Australia through the donation of your artwork – Northern Lights, Reclaimed, Magnolia and Nautilus – for inclusion in our 2018 Art for Epilepsy Auction.
Please find your receipt for the value your work sold for $300.
Not only have you helped Epilepsy Action to continue providing epilepsy education and support services throughout the country, but you have also played a pivotal role in helping to raise awareness of the condition in Australia.
Thanks again for your kindness and generosity.
Kind Regards,
Carol Ireland
Chief Executive Officer



Northern Lights





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