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Oil Painting

Recently I took part in an Oil Portrait workshop with James Brown. James specialises in Oil Portraits and I have not touched oils for at least 20 years as I have problems with the fumes and that oils take ages to dry. I have a very impatient personality and with oil you just need to take your time.

I have now experimented with two more oil paintings. The first one was a pelican on the lake from a reference photo from Glenn Rowley of Forest Lake. Thank you Glenn for allowing me to use one of your beautiful bird photos you exhibit on the Forest Lake facebook page. I did combine two of Glenn’s photos to create the following painting.

The second oil painting started as an acrylic portrait during our Monday art group as we were practising the portrait of a young girl. As a reference photo we used a portrait shot by

I choose the photo of a young Pacific Girl from Chloe’s selection of portrait shots she did during her time on Sylvia, while working for their adventure show ‘Expedition Drenched’. Thanks, Chloe, for that.

For only being my second oil portrait, I am quite happy with the results so far. I still would love to add a tropical background to her, to show that this girl lives somewhere on an Pacific Island.

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