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Arcylic Pouring Workshop

Today the weather was perfect to have a pouring work shop in our outside studio. During summer is is just too hot for it as the paint will dry before we can move it.

We started with mixing our fluid colours. Everyone selected a paint colour and mixed it 50/50 Paint/Floetrol and if needed, added a bit of water to get the right consistency. We used small glass jars as a mixing container as they came with a lid to keep the mixed paint airtight when stored. Usually, the mixed paint can be kept for several months in this airtight container. When the mixed paint runs of the stirring spoon like honey, it has the right consistency. We stayed with the 3 primary colours of red, yellow, and blue and added some purple and silver for a variety.

We then transferred a small amount of the premixed colour into smaller containers and added a few drops of hair oil that contains Dimethicone into the mix.

We used small shot glasses to add the different levels of paint into until the shot glass is full.  

The first pour was a dirty pour where the canvas is placed onto the shot glass, which is then turned upside down so the paint with settle on the canvas. After the shot glass is lifted, the paint can be treated with a heat gun to get any air bubble to the surface before the paint spreads over the canvas. We then move the canvas around to allow the paint to spread all over its surface.

We are happy to share the resulting paintings with you.

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