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Mixing Greys

After last Monday’s successful day of mixing greens, a request was made to mix greys. The first thought was, now that’s easy, get some white paint and add black as needed. But that would have been too easy.  So we changed the challenge and everybody was busy  mixing the primaries red, blue, yellow and white to achieve the colour grey, resulting in the most beautiful shades of grey. Knowing that we should always start by mixing a very small amount of the darker colour into the lighter colour, came very handy during this lesson.

The next step was to produce a painting, using our new found mixing skills.  We used ‘Will Kemps’ painting lesson ‘How to paint glass & reflections with acrylics’ as it included a variety of grey shades. This lesson can be found at

Even though each one of the group produced their own version of the painting, everyone could go home with a small painting depicting a glass full of water.



This small painting was produced by mixing Alizarin Red, Ultramarine Blue,  Mid Yellow and White. Not one speck of black was needed.

‘mARTa’s Art  Group’ meets every Monday morning in Forest Lake 4078 QLD.  For more information on how to join the group please contact <>

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